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Fire Emblem Engage launches on January 20 with several exciting twists to the long-running tactical RPG franchise. In this new series, you’ll be able to use characters from Fire Emblem to fight combats within a more streamlined story. Since it is common for role-playing games, many fans are wondering if Fire Emblem Engage will include New Game Plus mode.

New Game Plus is always essential to players as it allows them to unlock new games long after the main story ends. It allows players to continue playing their favorite game over and over again with tougher enemies while keeping their progress.

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When will we get New Game Plus for Fire Emblem Engage?

As of the time of writing, Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t have an official New Game Plus mode. Any player who completes the game is free to move about, repeat battles, and replay chapters. Moreover, there have been no comments from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems regarding this update.

However, this does not rule out the addition of a New Game Plus mode in the future. With the game still in the launch phase, it is likely that Nintendo will allow fans to get a wholesome experience before adding new content to it. So, it is possible for New Game plus to be added via a patch or as DLC later in the game.

This is a different approach from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which included a New Game Plus from the beginning. This series allowed players to unlock New Game Plus after completing the main game on any difficulty setting. In-game items, gold, class levels, and camp facility upgrades appeared in the post-game mode.

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