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Dignitas has claimed the RLCS Season 6 EU regional title for the third time in a row. It was Kaydop’s fourth consecutive EU title. After a dominating 7-0 season, nobody doubted that Dignitas would also take the regionals. The title holders look to be the true final boss of Rocket League, and every team is right to be scared of them at the World Championships in a few weeks.

Tournament structure

  • Single elimination
  • Best-of-7
  • Semi-final = World Championship LAN spot

Round of 6

The first match of the day was between We Dem Girlz and Mousesports. Not many fans predicted Mouz to take it over WDG, and they didn’t. In fact, Mouz had nothing to say this series as WDG took it in a clean 4-0 sweep and qualified for Worlds.

The second match was an interesting one, as it was between two inconsistent teams. Vitality had a weak start of the season and got stronger as time went on, finishing their final week on a high. PSG went back and forth, and by the end they were doubted by a good portion of the fans.

It came as a slight surprise, then, when PSG went up 3-0 and looked extremely dominant. Vitality was underperforming with rotational mistakes and double commits. The team was not on point, and they had to pay for it with three straight losses in a row. If they wanted to go to LAN, they now had to win four games in a row against a team that was completely dismantling them. And while Vitality picked it up just a bit and won the next two games, they couldn’t force a game seven. They conceded the eliminating goal in overtime in game six and were sent home after a disappointing season. PSG qualified for LAN and look on point. The team is clicking and looking extremely dangerous.


WDG versus Flipsid3 Tactics. A classic that’s been around since Season 1. While the teams have mostly shifted, it was still Remkoe versus Kuxir97. And in old-school fashion, the teams exchanged punches. Ultimately it was WDG who drew the long straw in overtime of game six, winning the series 4-2. With that win, Remkoe is back in the regional final for the first time since Season 2.

The other semi-final was as predictable as a Dignitas match can be. They are quite simply too strong to defeat. PSG boldly took the first two games and looked like they could upset the dynasty. But Dignitas showed why they are the best and quickly adapted. They won the following four games and sent PSG to the third place match.

Third place match

PSG looked rattled after their loss, because F3 neutralised them without too much effort. They took the first three games and almost swept them. PSG managed an overtime win in game four, but had to concede one in game five. With that 4-1 win, F3 finishes the season third and will face off against G2 in Las Vegas: a rematch between Kuxir97 and Kronovi, who last faced off against each other in RLCS in the Grand Final of Season 1. PSG, as the fourth seed, will have to play Oceania’s Chiefs Esports one round earlier.


It’s Dignitas. Dignitas doesn’t lose. Dignitas reigns supreme. WDG had nothing to say in this final and got swept 4-0. While the individual games’ scores were fairly close, Dignitas showed how solid they are and why they are expected to win their third consecutive World Championship. Teams can play well, but when you play Dignitas, that’s just not enough.

Dignitas will play the winner between NA’s Evil Geniuses and OCE’s Tainted Minds. A nightmare scenario for the underdogs.

As the second seed, WDG will play Cloud9 in the quarter finals. Some might say that Flipsid3 Tactics is better off in third place, as Cloud9 is often considered to be NA’s strongest team.

Don’t miss the World Championships Nov. 9-11 on Twitch!

RLCS Season 6 World Championship bracket

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