Dignitas Academy finalizes League of Legends roster with Olleh
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On Jan. 7, the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) team Dignitas made an announcement. The organization revealed that another veteran would be joining the Dignitas Academy roster for the 2020 season, Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung. The addition of the new support player finalizes the roster for 2020.

A veteran to lead the League of Legends team

There are few players with as long of a competitive history as Olleh. He started his career all the way back in May 2013, on the KT Rolster Arrows team at the time in Korea. Throughout the years, Olleh has competed in Brazil, the former LMS region before moving to the USA in December 2016. Since his move to America, Olleh has competed on the rosters of Immortals, Team Liquid, and Golden Guardians. He competed for each of the organizations for two splits of the LCS, yet his search for a team that can compete on the international stage continues. His biggest success was back in 2018. At the time, he won the NA LCS 2018 Summer Split alongside the Team Liquid roster.

The finalized roster for Dignitas in 2020

Dignitas has by far the single strongest academy roster this year. This talent will likely not go to waste due to a rule within the American League of Legends scene. In 2018, a rule of the academy scene was updated to allow teams fielding rosters in both the academy league and the NA LCS to switch players between the rosters with some limitations. Dignitas, formerly Clutch Gaming but obtained by Dignitas through acquisition, was one of the teams to best use this rule throughout the 2019 season.

The current roster looks as follows:

  • Top: Samson “Lourlo” Jackson
  • Jungle: Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham
  • Mid: Tanner “Damonte” Damonte
  • Bot: Kim “Fenix” Jae-hun
  • Support: Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung

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