Did the new gold material for Season 2 leak in Fortnite Creative Mode?
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There are some aspects of Fortnite Season 2 that are mostly confirmed by Epic Games. This includes the introduction of gold in some fashion, but we’re not sure in what capacity. Epic has been especially vague about releasing too much information about the gold theme. However, the developers may have already let something slip in the game’s popular Creative Mode. Now in-game, Creative players can select an option in the menu that grants gold upon elimination. Is this confirmation that a new gold material is entering Fortnite or something else?

Gold material coming to Fortnite?

We’ve had our suspicions about a gold material in Fortnite since early February. Golden furniture props were spotted in the game files, which was our first teaser. Then the floodgates opened and Fortnite began releasing teaser images that were covered in gold.

So, we know for a fact that the shiny material will be introduced into Fortnite Season 2 just because of teaser images and gold furniture popping up all over the island. However, a recent update to Creative Mode may have given us a concrete answer.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 gold teaser
Image via @HYPEX on Twitter

Caught by some sharp-eyed players, the Creative Mode menu now features an interesting option. Under the “My Island” tab, users can choose to enable options that grant materials upon eliminations. Players can select an option for brick, wood, metal, and now gold.

The fact that the gold option is directly under the three main Fortnite materials is telling. Why would Epic Games include this option if they weren’t planning on introducing a fourth material? Of course, this could be a simple mistake by the developers, though that seems unlikely. It’s more likely a hint for the content of Fortnite Season 2.

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