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If you want to build and improve your kingdoms in Dice Dreams, you’re going to need free rolls to earn coins. Here are the links for free rolls in Dice Dreams in January 2024, along with other ways you can earn them.

Dice Dreams is all about building your kingdoms and progressing through the levels. To build things, you need coins, and the easiest way to boost your bank account is by rolling dice. Unfortunately, you need to unlock rolls to do this, but SuperPlay does offer free rewards every day to help you on your way.

Redeeming your free rolls from Dice Dreams reward links is easy. Simply click on the link using the internet browser on your phone, and press “Get.” The Dice Dreams app will then open, and confirm to you that the reward has been added to your account.

Dice Dreams reward limit explained

You may find that if you click on a reward link, you are told that the reward limit has been reached. This means that you’re too late, and the reward is either no longer available, or too many people have redeemed it and you can no longer use it.

Unfortunately, this means you won’t receive the reward for that day.

Other ways to get free Dice Dreams rolls

There are other ways to get free rolls in Dice Dreams too, so don’t worry if you missed out on the reward today.

Connect your Facebook account

Connecting Dice Dreams to your Facebook account will unlock some rewards for you in-game, including coins and free rolls. Simply log into your account when prompted by the game to unlock them.

Invite friends

Convincing your friends to play is a great way to get Dice Dreams rolls. You get a reward when they sign up using your invite link, and then you can send gifts to each other afterward.

In-game events

Dice Dreams often runs special events throughout the year, like the Winter Wonder which ran through the festive period. These events often have challenges, which when completed offer free rolls as a reward.

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