Diablo 4 Season 3 release date: When does the new season start?
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Season 2 of Diablo 4 has been going strong for just under three months as of right now, so naturally the community is curious about when Season 3 is set to begin.

The current season has been slightly longer than normal due to the holidays in December and early January. However, with the holidays over and the developers at Blizzard back to work, Season 3 is on track to commence shortly. You can find out exactly when the newest season of Diablo 4 is slated to arrive in the guide below.

Diablo 4 Season 3 release date

Image via Blizzard

At the time of writing, we do not have any official announcement from Blizzard regarding a concrete release date for Season 3. Although, if we take a look at the in-game Battle Pass timer, we can see that Season 2 is set to end on January 23, 2024. This could mean that Season 3 will arrive on the same day, but that’s not how it worked when Season 1 ended.

After Season 1 concluded, there was a three-day break in between that and the start of Season 2. This is likely the path the developers will follow again, meaning Season 3 is presumably launching sometime between January 23 and the start of February. It’s unclear exactly how long the break between the two seasons will be, so I’m going with a broader timeframe.

Before Season 3 arrives, though, Blizzard will hold a Campfire stream sometime in early January, which will go over the most pressing details regarding the new update. There’s not much time left for Blizzard to announce and hold the stream, though, so we can expect news about that in the coming days. At the time of writing, the developers haven’t said anything regarding the Campfire stream, so I’ll update this article with more information as it becomes available.

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