Diablo 4 character classes - Every class available in the open beta
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The early release of Diablo 4 is nearly here, with the open beta beginning on March 17. The first weekend, from the 17-19, is only available to those who have pre-ordered the game while the second weekend, the 24-26, is open to all players. The beta will be a shell of what the full game has to offer, but players will still have access to a plethora of content. A major part of that content is the various classes that players will be able to use in Diablo 4.

In total, there are five classes that will be available during the Diablo 4 beta, and they are as follows: Barbarian, Sorcerer, Rogue, Druid, and Necromancer. For any fans of Diablo 2, this class list should make you feel right at home, as it’s essentially a carbon-copy list from that game. However, the way the classes work is much different in Diablo 4. Below, you can see a description of each of the classes.

All Diablo 4 character classes

Diablo 4 classes
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Diablo veterans will likely already know about each class, but here’s a quick description of each for any new or returning players:

  • Barbarian — The “tank” of the classes. Barbarians have unparalleled strength and defenses, utilizing bleed damage and crowd control attacks to deal damage on the frontlines.
  • Sorcerer — The definition of a glass cannon, the Sorcerer has terrific damage output, mainly using elemental spells and long-range attacks to eliminate enemies, but they also have weak defenses. Sorcerers will want to stay back and deal damage from a distance.
  • Rogue — A somewhat new take on the traditional Assassin class. Rogues can use both melee and ranged attacks while mainly staying in the shadows, only emerging to attack when the time is right. Rogues have terrific escapability and average defenses to go along with a plethora of attacks and skills, which are usually shadow or poison based. Players can swap between melee and ranged weapons with the click of a button.
  • Druid — Druid is one of the more balanced and enjoyable classes to use. They are able to shapeshift into a variety of animals and also have animal companions at their side to deal damage to enemies. Druids can perform both close and long range attacks but will primarily use melee attacks and skills. Players will make use of earth, wind, and lightning damage to eliminate enemies.
  • Necromancer — This is a classic Diablo class that veterans know all too well. The Necromancer is a well-rounded class that can conjure undead enemies to do their fighting for them. Necromancers can use Bone, Blood, or Shadow sacrifices to raise the dead to do their bidding. When the undead aren’t fighting for the player, Necromancers make use of a wide-ranging number of attacks and have average defense stats.

And there you have it, all of the classes coming to the open beta of Diablo 4. It will be up to the player to decide which is the best for them, as all classes have their strengths and weaknesses. Although, there will likely be one that’s more overpowered than the rest. We’ll have to wait and see what class that might be when the beta launches on March 17.

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