Diablo 4 Amalgam of Rage - How to defeat the boss in Fangs of Corruption
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One of the mid-game quests in Diablo 4 is called Fangs of Corruption. It takes place during Act 2 in Scosglen and comes after you have defeated Airidah. After meeting with Yorin, Donan’s son, you will venture into the blood-soaked forest to find a man named Nafain, who supposedly has information on Lilith. When you find Nafain, he is strapped to a tree and his blood has left a trail throughout the forest. Eventually, you will come to the point where Nafain’s blood is pooling, which will be inside the Untamed Thicket. Here, a boss encounter will take place with the Amalgam of Rage, which is actually an impossible boss fight to win in Diablo 4.

Fighting the Amalgam of Rage in Diablo 4

Amalgam of Rage Diablo 4
Screengrab via Upcomer

When fighting the Amalgam of Rage, the multi-headed, bloody creature will already have a low health percentage. However, don’t let this fool you, as the boss’ health is intentionally put that low. After they summon various smaller enemies, such as werewolves, to try and kill you, the Amalgam Rage will begin to attack.

If you have died multiple times during this fight, then you know just how little damage your attacks do to the boss. No matter what you do, the Amalgam of Rage’s health will seemingly not be lowered by any significant amount. However, their attacks to you will do chunks of damage, making it seem like this fight is entirely unfair and perhaps entice you to drop your World Tier from 2 to 1. I, for one, considered going with different builds and weapons to simply do a little more damage than I was doing.

Don’t do any of that just yet, though, as all you need to do is last a little while longer in the fight. Eventually, after some time fighting and doing little damage to the Amalgam of Rage, Lilith’s voice will appear. At this point, the Amalgam of Rage will disappear into the forest, which is the conclusion of the boss fight, for now.

After this happens, the quest will be complete, and you can head back to Nafain. Don’t worry, though, that won’t be the last you see of the Amalgam of Rage in Diablo 4.

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