Deaf Overwatch streamer lands spot on the top 500 players leaderboard
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A pretty amazing feat was accomplished by one Overwatch streamer this month. Maxim76, who is actually deaf, managed to land himself a spot as one of the top 500 players. He earned the number 482 spot, which is quite impressive, to say the least. Overwatch, besides being extremely visual, has a lot of different sound cues. To be able to do this without relying on his sense of hearing to play the game itself is remarkable. This was his first time accomplishing this and the news is spreading in the community. Maxim76’s skill rating is currently ranked at over 4,000. He’s already an accomplished Overwatch player, but this is probably something he won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

How to play without sound

Basically for players who are either deaf or hard of hearing they rely on two things. Firstly, They learn Overwatch‘s unique patterns. Next, they constantly hit the tab button in order to see the live stats of the current match. In the Reddit thread that first broke the news of this, another player who is deaf also suggested utilizing characters that are more team-based instead of tanks. This makes gameplay easier. The tank characters would be harder to use because they need to be constantly communicated with. Characters that were mentioned who are great for this task would be Mercy, Brigitte, and Reaper.

It is remarkable to see players of all abilities overcoming any challenges to still enjoy their favorite games. Perhaps we may even start to see some of these players compete professionally. If Maxim76 can do this without hearing, then who knows what else he may accomplish going forward and perhaps inspire others?

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