Dead Silence is officially back as a Perk in Black Ops Cold War
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More leaks keep rolling in for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as a result of the leaked multiplayer gameplay from yesterday. If you missed it, a Twitch streamer that was invited to a multiplayer capture event accidentally went live with multiplayer footage. This stream was live for seven minutes and the community immediately recorded the broadcast. As a result, we’ve been able to confirm a ton of information about the game. One of those confirmations is the return of beloved Perk Dead Silence in Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War sees the return of Dead Silence

Ever since Call of Duty: WWII, Dead Silence has been in a weird spot. In WWII, it was only accessible through the Mountain Division, which was a bit annoying. Then in Black Ops 4, it was back as a Perk but was toned-down. Finally, in Modern Warfare this past year, it was only a Field Upgrade, much to the community’s frustration.

Since Modern Warfare released, players have begged Infinity Ward to make Dead Silence a Perk. However, the developers stood their ground and kept it as a Field Upgrade. With the game winding down though, all attention turns to Treyarch and Black Ops Cold War.

Well, while it’s not officially confirmed, it appears the developers have listened to the community. As seen in the leaked multiplayer gameplay, Dead Silence is indeed back as a Perk. It’s named “Ninja” in-game and seems to be in the Perk 3 slot. This is terrific news for the community, but we’ll still have to wait and see how the Perk acts in Black Ops Cold War.

dead silence black ops cold war leak

Additionally, we were able to confirm a slew of other Perks as well. They are as follows:

  • Ghost
  • Tac Mask
  • Tracker
  • Flak Jacket
  • Scavenger
  • Quartermaster

Most of the above are long-time Perks within Call of Duty, so it’s not surprising to see them back. The worldwide multiplayer reveal on September 9 could confirm this list or even add to it, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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