Data-miner leaks future Apex Legends character Loba's finishers
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Season 5 of Apex Legends is about a month away, starting right after Season 4 concludes on May 5. While that’s the only piece of official news, we have a ton of rumors surrounding the next installment of Apex Legends. One of those rumors is that Loba, who was teased in the Season 4 trailer, is the next character to join the current legends.

We don’t have confirmation of this, but if the leaks and game files mean anything, Loba is the Season 5 legend. Speaking of leaks, one data-miner has further cemented this theory by revealing some of Loba’s finishers.

Loba finishers leaked through Apex Legends files

Up to this point, we’ve seen several leaks regarding Loba, which is why the community is so confident she’s the next legend. Of course, nothing is official until Respawn releases a trailer or information on the next season.

Still, with how many leaks surround the thieving legend, it’d be a shock to see anyone else in Season 5 (not that Respawn hasn’t shocked us before, of course). This is backed up even more with a recent tweet by @iLootGames, an Apex Legends data-miner. In the tweet, iLootGames shows off the suspected finisher animations for Loba.

As evidenced by the leaker’s tweet, Respawn tried to keep these animations a secret. This proved futile though, as some data-miners aren’t as courteous to the developers. Regardless, the finisher animations for Loba are now out in the open.

The first finisher is named “Point Blank” and looks to be a kick or punch of some sort. Next, there’s “Stomp”, which doesn’t need much explaining. Like the other finishers in Apex Legends, these will only be available through Apex Packs or Crafting Metals. So, if you don’t have any metals saved up, you won’t be able to unlock these without a bit of luck.

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