Dance between three ice sculptures: Fortnite Week 9 challenges
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The Fortnite v8.50 update brought numerous leaks to the spotlight. Although, with the release of any update comes the new weekly Battle Pass challenges. Week 9 is no different, and it seems as though Epic Games is slowing things down a touch.

Last week’s challenges were some of the hardest the game has seen. Tough elimination challenges and various search tasks had players struggling to unlock the Ruin Discovery Skin.

However, this week Epic has let up and made Week 9’s challenges much easier. There are much easier challenges that can be done by simply playing the game. The only one that might give you some trouble is “Dance between 3 ice sculptures.”

Have no fear though, as we know exactly where to complete this challenge.

The location of the sculptures

Since the challenge deals with ice, it shouldn’t be a shock to learn you will need to travel to the snow biome. In the southwestern part of the map, head a little east of Frosty Flights.

At the foot of the Polar Peak mountain on the southwest side is the location you seek. Around this area, you will find three Fortnite-themed sculptures. One of the Red Knight, Raven, and Love Ranger will be situated on top of ice boulders.

Dance between three ice sculptures: Fortnite Season 8 Week 9 challenges

In the middle of these sculptures is another ice block with a couple of chests around it. Here is where you will need to dance to complete the challenge. Any dance can be used, but don’t stop until the progress bar signals you completed the task.

However, this challenge is far from complete. Once you have completed this stage, another will unlock in the challenges menu. This stage requires you to “Dance between three dinosaurs.

Head on over to our Fortnite page to see how to complete this stage and the next one that follows.

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