CWL Pro League Week 6 Recap: A new dynasty
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The first split of cross-divisional play of the CWL Pro League has concluded. The final eight teams in the Pro League have had their last bit of LAN play before the April break. The past two weeks were instrumental in determining the seeding for Call of Duty‘s next open major, CWL London. Check this article for last week’s recap.

The biggest storylines

In a similar fashion to week five of the CWL Pro League, there was a mix of expected performances as well as upsets. While no team went flawless, we saw three heavy hitters with a great 3 – 1 week.

Gen.G continue their dominance with their new SMG slayer, Dylan “Envoy” Hannon. Despite a mediocre placing in CWL Fort Worth, Gen.G return to the Pro League with a lit fire. While they don’t have the SnD dominance, the team is well-balanced throughout all of the game modes. They continue to top the Division A standings with a 9 – 2 record.

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OpTic Gaming remains third in the standings but has caught up to Midnight Esports, matching their record at 7 – 4. The team still looks shaky following a disappointing finish at CWL Fort Worth. While they are managing to close out games, matches seemed like a struggle for the squad. Here’s hoping that the CWL Vegas champions figure out their issues.

A new contender to top teams, it’s 100 Thieves with a great week. Despite dropping a series to Midnight Esports in an unexpected fashion, the Thieves are looking sly. Now set with a system, the squad makes disciplined plays, asserting control on maps. Sprinkle in a few star players with the capability to heat up, and you’ve got a potential championship team.

Check out some of the week’s best plays from CWL:

A one-sided rivalry

This week’s most anticipated match had to be OpTic Gaming versus 100 Thieves. The history between 100 Thieves’ owner Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and OpTic Gaming has already set a budding rivalry. Along with recent drama between members of the two teams, the match was building up to be the biggest one yet.

Unfortunately for fans, it would be a one-sided affair. This was the one series that OpTic Gaming dropped, and in a swift fashion. 100 Thieves took the series with a 3 – 0 sweep, showing how far the squad has come. If anything was learned from this, it’s that the game has changed. OpTic Gaming have to go back to the lab and adapt their play.

CWL London

With the matches concluding the past week, the pools for CWL London have finally been decided. Teams now have three weeks of practice to prepare for the next Call of Duty major open in May. Here are the pools for the group stages: