CSGO's reworked Cache map to be unveiled at ESL One New York
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We’ve all been waiting for the reworked version of Cache to finally come back into the CSGO active duty map pool. As one of the most popular maps, the community has followed the Twitter account of Shawn “FMPONE” Snelling, the main creator of the map, with great anticipation. Teases and updates on the map have been released constantly over the last couple of weeks. Now, we finally have a set date for the premiere of the much-hyped map. ESL One New York takes Cache for itself.

ESL One New York brings us Cache on September 29

FMPONE has released a YouTube video in which he briefly states that ESL One New York will feature a showmatch before the grand final on September 29. This showmatch will play out on none other than de_cache. Check out his video below.

With the StarLadder Major just around the corner, some have suspected that the release of the map would be sometime after the end of the upcoming event. According to FMPONE, the map is pretty much finished. However, pros of the scene do need some time to become acquainted with the new map before it returns to the active duty map pool.

Will Vertigo stay alive?

After Cache departed from the active duty pool, Vertigo came in as the map’s replacement. Up till now, pros and casual players have not enjoyed Vertigo, despite the devs trying to make the map competitive and balanced with frequent updates. With Cache now having a solid release date, it will be interesting to see if Vertigo will still be left in the active duty and competitive map pool. Some rumors say that they will axe Mirage next, as it hasn’t seen a makeover in some time.

Are you happy to see Cache making a return? Do you think Vertigo will stay in the map pool? Let us know down in the comments below and as always follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest CSGO news.