CS:GO's HenryG teases details on Riot's new game Project A
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Riot Games allowed CS:GO commentator Henry “HenryG” Greer to play Project A, their new tactical shooterHenryG posted some game feedback on his Twitter feed, which gave fans some good insight on what’s to come. On Tuesday, he hyped up the League of Legends community by revealing exclusive never-before-seen details on the upcoming game.

Announced during Riot’s tenth-anniversary video, Project A is one of many games they are working on for 2020. They describe it as a “tactical shooter with a lethal cast of characters, set on a near-future Earth.” The executive producer for the game, Anna “Supercakes” Donlon, said Project A is a competitive shooter offering precise gunplay. 

HenryG helped his Twitter followers by gracing them with exclusive information. This includes details regarding weapons, ultimate abilities, map designs, and more. The first piece of information he posts says Project A is a 5-on-5 tactical shooter, very similar to CS:GO.

He also mentioned there are elements of class and heroes also found in Overwatch and Apex Legends. The originally released teaser depicted unrecognizable characters. This raises questions about whether there will be new sets of heroes to choose from, or if current League of Legends champions will make an appearance.

Project A’s different game modes

The next teaser he shared pertained to the game modes. “The game mode we had access to was MR12, DE/SnD with a A & B bombsite with an attack/defen[s]e swap at half time,” he said.

He also described how certain classes and abilities already set the game apart from the rest. He says these abilities are tactical utilities rather than an overpowered combination that other class-based games have.

One game that follow this rule is Overwatch. They place unfortunate players in games where the enemy team combines all of their ultimate abilities to cause plenty of damage. This makes the game less enjoyable for players, and Riot sees that. As such, heroes will have abilities that can be used together with weapons without making them too overpowered. 

Finding balance

In Project A, weaker heroes can still win the game if they use their utilities correctly. League of Legends players complain about a champion being too strong or not strong enough. Riot is listening to feedback and implementing noticeable balance into Project A.

“Generally speaking, ‘abilities’ primarily need to be purchased at the start of a round instead of earnt over time with the same economy reservoir as the weaponry,” HenryG said.

He also describes the weaponry side of his experience. The well-designed gun mechanics and gameplay are slick. The weapons have well-balanced hitscans and unique spray patterns. Again, this is showing striking similarities to CS:GO.

“With the economy system, you could partially invest into rounds with less-fire power to take a gamble on a round and enter with basic abilities/utility.”

Map designs

Another part of his Twitter thread talks about the map designs. Players know Riot creates beautiful maps that add depth to their game. In Project A, maps will be less flowery and more similar to CS:GO in terms of checkpoints and familiar lanes. Unlike Overwatch, known for its fantastic artwork and scenery, Project A focuses more on being able to run and shoot freely without getting lost or stuck.

As HenryG ends his thread, he writes “For now, I will say that this is a very exciting title that is being built by the right people that has the potential to be one of the giant titles of the FPS space.” The release date for Project A is unknown, but fans are ready to jump right in once the game is live.