CS:GO update introduces scrimmage maps, Vertigo changes, and more
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After the last update, which left lots of people disappointed, CS:GO devs have decided to introduce something that the community has been asking for. One of the many things that the fans wanted were unranked competitive games. After a long while, the devs responded and have finally added scrimmage maps. The update also introduces two new maps, Breach and Seaside (which are in the scrimmage map pool), and changes to Vertigo.

CS:GO unranked competitive finally arrives

Players will now be able to play on scrimmage maps without worrying about their rank and without any restrictions. Basically, the mode lets you and a couple of your friends – who may be higher or lower skill than you – play together and have fun. Players will, however, still be punished for leaving the game early after hitting the accept button.

Despite this being a positive update, some were hoping to play all the competitive maps as scrimmage maps in order to practice. Unfortunately, as things currently stand, you’ll only find Ruby, Breach, and Seaside in the scrimmage map pool.

Breach and Seaside maps

The two new maps in CS:GO‘s scrimmage competitive map pool give a whole different experience. Seaside is an extremely tiny map. This will lead to fast-paced matches that will mostly come down to kills rather than bomb plants to finish off the match.

CS:GO Seaside scrimmage map

Breach, on the other hand, seems quite different. Filled with long, winding corridors, the facility named “tangent” will most likely have slower-paced gameplay to it.

CS:GO Breach scrimmage map

Vertigo undergoes a makeover. Again.

A lot of CS:GO pros as well as fans not being happy about having Vertigo in the Active Duty map pool. Well, the devs are still working at it to convince players to give this map a chance.

With Vertigo being strongly T-sided, the update seems to focus on reducing the T-sidedness of the map. It especially revolves around changes to B site.

– New approach to B site
– Removed “rafters” around B site entrance
– Offset HVAC units on B site, numbered them
– Added a way to throw utility into B site without being exposed
– Removed one-way drop down elevator shaft
– Added ladder-room near elevator shaft, connects up to mid chokepoint, allows utility towards A
– Moved bridge over elevator shaft
– Moved T spawns further back
– Widened utility hole in T corridor to mid
– Made jump up on scaffolding at back of A easier
– Widened door at back of A
– Various minor bug fixes

Time will tell if the changes have a positive impact on the overall experience of the map. Pros will no doubt have something to say about the changes to the map.

If you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out all the official patch notes.

What do you think of the new scrimmage maps in added to CS:GO? Will you be playing them? How about the Vertigo changes? Let us know down in the comments below, and as always, follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest CS:GO news!