CSGO update introduces Ruby and Workout maps and tweaks Vertigo
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With a cheeky heading on the CSGO blog, “Don’t skip leg day,” Valve has introduced two brand new maps into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Named Ruby and Workout, both maps will be available for competitive play. To make space for those two maps, Biome and Abbey have been removed from play completely. On top of that, the update introduces a lot of tweaks for Vertigo, a map that is being heavily worked on by Valve as it has been added into the official competitive map pool.

Workout: A little exercise never killed nobody

It’s not common to see such colorful and vivid maps being added into CSGO, especially into the competitive map pool. The map, as the name suggests, is a gym facility. Funnily enough, the terrorist spawn is a little reminiscent of the old map de_poolday.

The map is filled with different zones including pools, weights, a colorful kids zone, and quite large areas with open space.

CSGO update introduces Ruby and Workout maps and tweaks Vertigo

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the map is that it is not your regular bomb defusal map. Workout is a hostage rescue map, something that we see very rarely nowadays, especially added into competitive play.

CSGO update introduces Ruby and Workout maps and tweaks Vertigo

Time will tell how Workout will be seen by the community. In my opinion, it’s nice to see Valve adding a map that is definitely a stand-out from the rest in CSGO. 

Ruby: A Portuguese dream

The second map, Ruby, may remind some people of the de_italy map. Ruby is quite the maze. It has a lot of winding passageways that at first may be difficult to navigate.

CSGO update introduces Ruby and Workout maps and tweaks Vertigo

The map is filled with old buildings and beautiful views, at least by CSGO standards.

Unlike Workout, Ruby is the classic bomb defusal map. In the patch notes, Valve has said that it will be soon added to the competitive map pool.

Vertigo continues construction

In other news, Valve really does love Vertigo as it continues to tweak the map since it shockingly entered the active duty map pool. Here are the things that were tweaked, and here are the full release notes.

– Added nav blockers for Wingman mode
– Removed spot where player could avoid death-trigger in elevator shaft
– Fixed molotovs breaking on top of pipes near scaffolding on A ramp
– Fixed some poor visibility spots
– Added ibeam with construction markings for possible grenade lineups
– Simplified grenade collisions on walls and bombsite crates
– Decreased size of bombsite zones on both sites
– Flattened bombsite zones
– Lowered volume of some environment sounds
– Reworked T spawn
– Removed center cover in elevator room by A site
– Removed pallets in elevator room near mid
– Lengthened hallway-exit from elevator room by A site
– Made T entrance to mid slightly tighter
– Tweaked shape of sandbags in mid
– Made catwalk near B stairs one section longer
– Removed ibeam closest to B stairs
– Updated elevator model
– Blocked view from CT spawn towards bombsite B catwalk

What do you think of the Ruby and Workout maps? Let us know down in the comments below and remember to follow us for all the latest updates in the esports world.