CSGO Pro Players' Association speaks out on players' mental health
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The Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) calls for community awareness of mental health issues. The CSPPA is a player-driven organization responsible for protecting the rights and interests of professional Counter-Strike players. The player board is filled by well-respected and experienced players such as Tarik “tarik” Celik and Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert.

Mental health is a budding topic of controversy after legendary Astralis player Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander announced his temporary medical leave. In an emotional TwitLonger, gla1ve shared he’d been struggling with symptoms of stress and burnout. As a result, his doctor advised he take a temporary leave from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

CSPPA emphasizes the importance of mental health

Shortly after gla1ve’s announcement, the CSPPA released a statement urging the community to engage in mental health discourse. The organization divulges the increased amount of players reaching out to the association with mental health problems. Furthermore, it shares players are struggling with distress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. For this reason, the CSPPA compels stakeholders and industry leaders to collaborate with the intent to improve work conditions.

Moving forward, the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association plans to reach out to teams, tournament organizers, and stakeholders to discuss mental health initiatives. The organization notes its current health program includes a mental health hotline, individual and group meetings, and “ongoing assistance and advice to players who are struggling.”

However, mental health issues aren’t only prominent at the highest levels of competition. The CSPPA acknowledges players in all competitive divisions struggle. Hence, the organization says help is available to all members, regardless of their competitive status.

CSPPA’s efforts show industry leaders are actively seeking to oversee the health and safety of players. Furthermore, Gla1ve’s announcement illustrates the importance of players to seek medical attention if they’re experiencing mental health issues. While his leave comes as a surprise, it brings urgent issues to the forefront and allows for healthy discourse.

Minna Adel Rubio is an esports journalist with an interest in first-person-shooter games. She specializes in class-based, arena, and tactical shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Overwatch, and Team Fortress 2. Additionally, Minna is a senior CS:GO guides writer at Dignitas and a graduate student. Catch her on Twitter for memes and more content!