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Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Josh “jdm64” Marzano has announced that he is stepping away from CSGO and will try his wits at Riot Games’ Valorant. The 30-year-old AWPer is yet another CSGO pro that has decided to switch to the brand new first-person shooter competitive scene.

jdm64’s career in Counter-Strike

The AWPer is mostly known for his time at Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and Team Liquid. The veteran attended A and S-tier events with both teams but only managed to finish first at Americas Minor Championship – Boston in 2018. His career has been riddled with second and third place results, especially while jdm64 was at the American giant, Team Liquid.

After departing Team Liquid in 2018, jdm64 joined Team Envy. After being active on the roster for one year, the American was present on the roster in an inactive state. Ever since then, jdm64 has failed to find a team that would take the CSGO veteran on board. On May 20, via Twitter, he finally decided it was time to move on. Jdm64 is switching to Valorant and is already looking for an organization and team to take him on board, saying that he wants to “get creative and build something to remember.”


Another CSGO pro turns to Valorant

The number of professionals leaving CSGO and switching over to Valorant keeps growing with jdm64 being the latest pro to make the switch. Younger and older generations of Counter-Strike pros alike see Riot Games’ competitive title as a fresh start as the scene is gradually building up. At this rate, the Valorant scene will be infested with former CSGO professionals. Time will tell if they will be the ones to dominate the scene.

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