CSGO operation Shattered Web adds character models, knives, and more
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The newest update to bless CSGO may very well be the biggest one in a long time. What seemed like an extremely innocent, yet funny, tweet from the developers of CSGO led to an unveiling of a humongous update featuring a brand new operation: Shattered Web.

An operation after over two years

Many thought that Operation Hydra, released in May of 2017, would be the game’s last operation. The release of Danger Zone, CSGO‘s take on the Battle Royale fad, further convinced many of this idea. However, the devs took to Twitter yesterday with an interesting poll.

Following the majority’s vote on the “MakE aN OpeRAtiOn!!” option, CSGO revealed the operation and major update a mere ten minutes later.

Operation Shattered Web

The operation is filled with content. Not only do we have the standard Operation Shattered Web case but also a never-before-seen feature in CSGO. Character models have been added into the game.

The operation requires a one-time purchase of around $15 and works much like a battle pass earned in other titles such as Fortnite or Call of Duty. You’ll collect stars by completing missions, which unlock tiers that grant you cases, character models, stickers, and more.

Reward screen after purchasing the operation pass.

Character models are a brand new addition to CSGO. Some have expressed their concerns, as irregular character models can become troublesome in terms of the game’s competitive aspect. Regular character models should be kept in competitive modes, especially on the professional level.

Shattered Web case, new collections, and knives

As with most previous operations, a brand new case with a plethora of skins has come with the update. However, this time we also receive four new knives and three new weapon collections. The number of new skins added to CSGO is truly overwhelming. You can check out the showcase of the new skins in the below video, courtesy of YouTuber Busch.


You can also check out the whole patch notes on the latest update over at the official CSGO blog post.

What do you think of the massive Shattered Web update to CSGO? Let us know down in the comments below. As always, remember to follow Daily Esports for all your latest news in CSGO as well as other major esports.