CSGO HLTV ranking changes: Syman Gaming and DreamEaters rise
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This week’s CSGO HLTV ranking changes reflect the happenings of the New Challengers stage at the ongoing StarLadder Major in Berlin. The biggest changes have touched the two CIS underdog teams that have shaken up the scene in Berlin. DreamEaters and Syman Gaming both receive hefty boosts in their global ranking placements.

#29 Syman Gaming: The youngest team at the Major destroys pick’ems

The young CIS squad faced Vitality in the opening match of the StarLadder Major. With odds of 1 to 99 of Syman picking up the win, the team defied all odds and brought the French super team to their knees with a 16-8 victory. To keep things interesting, Syman also knocked out FURIA with a 2-0 score, a team that many suspected of advancing. The CIS roster went 2-2 before getting knocked out by AVANGAR in the decider match-up. Nevertheless, Syman Gaming ruined many CSGO pick’ems (including mine) and shut down all the haters. The team’s impressive run brought them 10 spots higher to place them at a respectable #29 slot.

#19 DreamEaters: Entering the New Legends stage with style

Much like Syman Gaming, DreamEaters ended up on many people’s 0-3 pick’em slots. A never-heard-of-before CIS team was sure to get demolished against the likes of Vitality or NRG. Not only did they make it to the next phase with a 3-2 score, but DreamEaters also upset NRG and Vitality before beating forZe 2-0. An unexpected performance from the CIS CSGO team boosted their placement on the global ranking by a respectable 14 places. Now, the team is placed at #19, meaning they are top 20 in the world. Probably no one suspected such a turn of events.

Other mentions in CSGO

#20: AVANGAR: Yet another CIS team that has made it into the New Legends stage of the StarLadder Major. Despite having some trouble along the way as they advanced as one of the last teams, Alexey “qikert” Golubev looks rock solid for his side. It will be interesting to see how AVANGAR will manage at the next phase of the tournament. Their advancement has boosted their placement from #27 to #20.

#18: Grayhound: Moving away from CIS squads, we have the boys from down under. Also in the 2-2 pool, they faced the toughest challenge out of all, the #2 place Vitality. Grayhound underdogs proved to be relentless as they took the game all the way to three maps in what was stirring up to be the upset of the year. Unfortunately for them, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut’s talent with the experience present on the French side denied any sort of comeback. Nevertheless, Grayhound impressed everyone, and this has led to a jump in the ranking from #22 to #18.

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