Crypto shows up in Apex Legends, likely teasing more map changes
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Today players started spotting Apex Legends‘ Crypto, the game’s upcoming season 3 character. He shows up in a mid-match cutscene in the underground compound in Wraith Town Takeover. You can see Crypto in the video below, posted on Reddit by Apex Legends community theorist FrozenFroh.

The hacker legend appears to be in the middle of deploying some sort of system command. When players show up, interrupting him, he disappears. We believe whatever he is doing down there is a sign of upcoming map changes.

CRYPTO has appeared!!! He ran away! from apexlegends

It has become the norm for legend-specific events to reshape Kings Canyon. Octane and Wraith recently received back-to-back Town Takeovers. When Wattson arrived, she ushered in massive map-wide changes. Crypto will most likely be no exception.

In the teaser cutscene, the phrases “Location is ready” and “World’s edge” are visible on the screen. This hints strongly at a tangible change to Apex Legends‘ map coming in season 3. If that happens, it wouldn’t even be the first time Crypto has redrawn the map. After all, he is technically responsible for the changes to Kings Canyon in season 2.

FrozenFroh’s Reddit speculation earlier today points out that Crypto seems to be trying to use the giant portal above the compound. His goal is likely to bring something in or open a gate to another place. It’s possible this will allow players to access new areas, or it will warp these areas onto the map.

Apex Legends crypto emp map changes
Crypto’s EMP blast at the launch of season 2 dramatically changed the geography of Kings Canyon.

Respawn hasn’t officially confirmed anything so far about Crypto or any scheduled map changes. However, all signs point to him arriving at the start of Apex Legends season 3. The game’s newest weapon, the Charge Rifle, will also almost certainly be introduced.

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