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Yesterday’s Nashville Gamestop Apex Legends leak was pretty big. Not only did it confirm that the Charge Rifle is coming, but it also showed that Crypto is indeed the next legend. The hacker responsible for the current state of Kings Canyon arrives with the start of Season 3.

The game’s community has been continuously speculating about his arrival. He was one of the handful of legends Respawn teased in the Apex Legends launch promotional material, alongside Wattson and Octane.

Crypto Apex Legends leak Respawn
Crypto has been lurking in the background literally since Apex Legends launched.

More importantly, out of all of the leaked legends, he has the most assets in the game’s files. Thanks to data-miners prowling through said files, we have a pretty good glimpse of Crypto’s abilities.

Hacking drone

It appears Crypto will be a scout-type legend like Bloodhound, the first new one to come to the game so far. His tactical ability deploys an aerial Surveillance Drone at a range of up to 200 meters. Like Wattson’s Interception Pylon, the Drone seems to remain in play indefinitely, although it can be destroyed. When destroyed it goes on a 40 second cooldown.

Crypto’s Neurolink passive lets him and his squadmates see everything the Drone detects within 30 meters of itself. Having access to this amount of information is a massive tactical advantage in Apex Legends. We are guessing Crypto will be able to reposition his Drone after deploying it, but we don’t know for sure yet.

Gibraltar Halloween legendary skin apex legends leak
The leak also showed this gnarly new Gibraltar legendary skin, which should come as part of a Halloween event.

Those of you who have seen the Season 2 launch trailer can already guess what Crypto’s ultimate ability is. Drone EMP discharges a blast from his drone, which deals shield damage and slows enemies like an arc star. More importantly, it also disables active traps. This ability acts as the ultimate counter to squads trying to bunker up behind Wattson’s defenses.

Crypto arrives at the start of Season 3, along with the Charge Rifle. A Halloween event is also in the works, set to deliver some spooky new cosmetics.

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