Could Season 4 of Apex Legends finally see the Volt SMG introduced?
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Over the course of Apex Legends life cycle, we’ve seen a fair amount of weapons introduced. The L-Star, Havoc, Sentinel, and Charge Rifle have all been debuted after the initial launch of Apex Legends. While these are some solid weapons, fans are growing a bit anxious with no new additions to the pistol, shotgun, or submachine gun categories. However, the latter of those might be seeing an addition sooner rather than later. According to leaks, the Volt SMG from the Titanfall universe may be seeing its debut in Season 4.

Volt SMG to see the light of day in Apex Legends?

In terms of leaks, most come from the PC files of the battle royale game. Respawn Entertainment throws in a plethora of future content into the files to work on the designs, mechanics, etc. Just recently, we saw evidence for the Smart Pistol being worked on in Apex Legends.

However, the Smart Pistol didn’t have a ton of evidence to support its existence within the files. On the other hand, another weapon has a little more proof. That weapon would be the Volt SMG, which has been teased in the files for quite some time. Data-miner @That1MiningGuy has all of the details on the Volt.

Like T1MG says, Respawn has added in skins for the Volt SMG before. However, they were taken out and then re-added at a later time. This has been occurring since Season 1, but it finally looks like we have solid proof for the Volt.

The tweet above features legendary skins for the Volt, which need to be designed separately for each weapon in the game. While this isn’t concrete proof or a rendered image of the weapon, That1MiningGuy seems to think that this hints at the energy-based SMG arriving soon. It would be the first addition to the SMG category since Apex Legends released.

If the Volt does end up coming to the game, fans can expect an energy weapon with a high rate of fire that excels in close to medium range.

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