New PROJECT skin line teased in League of Legends trailer?
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In a trailer shared to the League of Legends Twitter account earlier today, Riot Games have teased a new “threat” coming to the game. Could this be the return of the popular PROJECT skin line?

In the video, an ominous short snippet released this afternoon, a League of Legends champion can be seen picking up a large weapon with a dark and metallic track in the background of the sequence. The end of the video shows off a red logo, which looks eerily similar to the PROJECT skin line logo.

Riot has yet to reveal any further details or names for which champions would receive the new skins, however.

PROJECT skins for Varus and Mordekaiser?

It has been speculated by fans that the Juggernaut top laner Mordekaiser could be next to receive a PROJECT skin. The video depicts a large figure activating an equally large war hammer-like weapon, which could easily be Mordekaiser’s mace. Mordekaiser received his latest skin in March 2020 with Dark Star and he could be due for another skin considering his popularity. Nevertheless, some fans of the game have speculated that the video depicts Aatrox or Darius instead of Mordekaiser.

Another possible candidate for a new PROJECT skin is bot lane marksman Varus. Riot accidentally teased what looks like a PROJECT Varus skin on social media yesterday before quickly deleting the post, according to LoLDailyUpdates.

At the start of the year, Riot revealed that champions such as Fiddlesticks, Tahm Kench, Corki, Camille, Galio, Lulu, Nautilus, Wukong, Nunu, Sejuani, Rumble, Yuumi, Twitch, Vayne, Caitlyn and Blitzcrank will receive skins this year. Several of these champions have received a new look already. A few that remain on the list would likely be involved if a new PROJECT skin line were indeed to release.

Is PROJECT the next battle pass?

Looking at past trends, Riot tends to release a new battle pass event in League of Legends three-to-four weeks after the previous concludes. With the Space Groove 2021 event coming to a close on May 4, the next battle pass should be on the horizon. While Riot does drop new skins as standalone releases, previous releases in the PROJECT skin line have accompanied in-game events in the past. PROJECT Hunters took place in 2017, while the Reckoning event released in 2019. Following that pattern, if PROJECT is indeed the next skin line, it could very well be the focus of the game’s next battle pass.

PROJECT already features some of the most popular champions in League. Yasuo, Jhin, Ekko, Katarina and Zed have all received their own versions of the skin over the years. Warwick, Akali, Irelia, Jinx and Pyke are also on that list. In fact, Project Irelia even came alongside a Prestige Edition skin as part of the Reckoning event.

It remains to be seen whether PROJECT is, in fact, the game’s next skin line, and if so, which champions will receive the cybernetic treatment next.

George is the lead reporter for Upcomer from the United Kingdom.