Cosmic and Dark Cosmic Lux skins teased for League of Legends
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Riot Games released an eerie new teaser for the upcoming Cosmic and Dark Cosmic Lux skins in League of Legends. The video, named “Galaxies 2020: Light’s End,” teases Lux’s new skins to be released tomorrow, March 26. Along with the 10.6 patch comes other skins, such as Dark Star Malphite, Mordekaiser, and Xerath.

The video begins with a globe, seemingly imploding from the inside. As it releases two beams of blue and red light, it explodes into an image of two women on each other’s sides, eventually showing Lux’s face. With the colorful burst of celestial sounds, colors, and images, this may be one of her biggest skin lines.

Dark Cosmic interactions

Recently, Skin Spotlights uploaded a Cosmic and Dark Cosmic preview for the champion. Viewers were able to see her interactions and animations. The difference between the Dark Cosmic skin and her other ones is her overall attitude. Lux is typically a nice girl with sweet sayings, but Dark Cosmic Lux erases all of that. The closest theme that can compare to this would most likely be her Elementalist skin, where she can give off a mean aura when she transforms into Fire or Dark Lux.

In her new skin, players can see a few fun animations that come with her Dark Cosmic theme. For instance, her ult releases a beam of light that destroys small planets in its way. In one of her idle animations, she uses her two blades to fight off meteors and objects headed her way.

Dark Cosmic Lux is part of the Dark Star theme, and both the Cosmic and Dark Cosmic skins come with echoing voice lines. Along with Lux’s addition, players can also purchase Malphite, Mordekaiser, and Xerath’s version of the theme. Every champion shares similar features: celestial shades of purple, black, and yellow with swift animations following each movement.

Both Lux skins are available in League of Legends for 1820 RP (Riot Points), whereas the other ones are listed at 1350.