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Corsair has been busy releasing a ton of really cool RGB components. There’s the Dark Core mouse, the iCUE Smart lights, and the new K100 keyboard. With heaps of RGB to light up any gamer’s life, you can now complete your full setup with Corsair’s RGB towers. Combine one of these with the CAPELLIX iCUE liquid cooling unit, and you can’t get much more RGB than that. We were lucky enough to grab the new Corsair 4000D case and iCUE H150i Elite CAPELLIX liquid cooling unit to try out. We’ve built it all together and fired up some beautiful lighting displays. Now we’re here to give you all the goss on Corsair’s new PC systems.

Corsair 4000 case series

When it comes to mid-tower PC cases, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Mid-towers are probably the most popular size on the market. They’re perfect for all gamers and PC enthusiasts. There’s plenty of room to pack in all your amazing components. Corsair really thought about the design of their cases. They took into account things like cable management, lighting, various fan sizes, and neat drive mounting. Before we jump into all that, you’ll need to know there are three cases to choose from.

Corsair’s 4000 series gives you three options which change the front look of the case. Each of the cases are identical except for the front panel. The 4000D case has a flat black panel. You can’t see through it which seems like a waste if you’re going to mount some sweet RGB fans on the front. The 4000D Airflow case is what most people will want to go for. It gives you lots of cooling options and allows you to still see the pretty RGB fans. The 4000X case is for those who really love their RGB. The tempered glass front panel allows you to stare at your pretty looking fans and show them off to their full potential.

Now you know the main difference between the Corsair 4000 cases, let’s dive into the cases themselves. We pulled apart one of our old PCs and rebuilt it into the beautiful 4000 case. It’s a slick, clean case, which allows you to show off the best components you have.

Good cable management

PC cases these days need to have good cable management. Unlike the old days where you simply shoved cables in wherever they fit and slammed the door shut. Nowadays it’s all about showing off your computer. You want to show off the pretty looking graphics card, slick looking motherboard, and of course, RGB fans. Thus, cases need to come with good cable management so your computer looks neat. The Corsair 4000 case delivers on this. Cables can be easily routed around the side of the case and hidden underneath the side panel. The side panel has three Velcro clips to secure your cables. And if those aren’t enough there’s a few extras to help secure any loose wires. There’s plenty of gaps in the case for wires to be threaded through.

Plenty of screws, mount plates, spacers, and cable management ties.

One of the the things I love about this case is wherever a fan or component is mounted, there’s holes in the right places to send your cables. If you take a little bit of care, you should be able to have all your wires neatly packed away. This gives you lots of space to show off your components. There’s one tempered glass side panel on the case for you to show off your wiring skills!

Mounting points

It’s important for a computer case to have good mounting points. This means mounting points for the drives, motherboard, and fans. The motherboard is easily mounted onto the case. You’re give plenty of screws, spacers, and mounting brackets to ensure the motherboard fits securely. There’s plenty of space for the GPU and other components. You can even vertically mount the GPU to show off any cool graphics or fans. If you want to do this however, you’ll need to make sure you get a Corsair PCI-Express 3.0 extension cable.

Hard drive mounting

There’s two easy spots for you to mount hard drives as well. You can fit two 2.5″ SSDs neatly on the side of the case. You can then add in two 3.5″ HDDs stacked on top of one another. The HDDs are easily mounted in individual trays, meaning there’s no pesky screws to worry about. That should be plenty of storage space.

As for the fans, this is one of my favorite parts. The front panel has space to fit three fans. Even better is the option to have both large and small fans. You can fit up to six fans in this case – three on the front, one on the rear, and two on top. There’s even space for you to mount a radiator. In our case, we mounted the H150i Elite Liquid CPU Cooling unit. The 4000D case comes with two fans preinstalled. These however aren’t RGB. I quickly switched them out for pretty colored fans — blue on the back, green on top, and RGB on the front.

With a little bit of patience and finesse, you can have your PC looking very slick.

iCUE H150i Elite CAPELLIX Liquid CPU Cooling Unit

Liquid cooling is one way of ensuring higher performance for your PC. A cooler CPU means you can run it for longer at higher speeds. There’s lots of options when it comes to cooling. Liquid cooling is just one way to prevent your components from overheating. Corsair has made the choice fairly easy however. Their new iCUE CAPELLIX Liquid CPU Cooler is one thing you’ll want to consider adding to your PC build. It’s easy to install, comes with pre-applied thermal paste, and has some sweet lighting effects.

Out of the box you’ll have everything you need to get up and running with this Liquid Cooling system.

Multi-fan controller system

One of the big draw cards of the iCUE CAPELLIX, however, is its iCUE Commander CORE. This system is a control unit for all your fans. You can plug up to six fans into the Commander. You’ll then have complete control over fan speed and RGB lighting, all from iCUE. The 4000 case series only holds up to six fans anyway. So this is perfect. All you need is the iCUE software, and you’re set. You’ll be able to control all your beautiful lighting effects and even synchronize with other iCUE devices.

If you’re going to mount one of these in your case, you’ll need to make note of the size. Whilst the 4000 case series is meant to only hold the H115i (280mm) and H100i (240mm) CAPELLIX cooler, we managed to fit the H150i (360mm) Elite in the 4000 case. However we would definitely recommend the H115i or H100i coolers as you can mount these to the top of the case giving optimal cooling on your components. Having the radiator mounted on the front means this is only compatible with the 4000D Airflow case as you need to ensure airflow is coming through the front of the case. All in all, we would definitely recommend this unit. Not only will it help cool your components, it looks spectacular!

Keeping everything clean

Computers are just one of those things that gets dusty. Keeping them clean can be a real pain. Luckily, Corsair has sorted this out for you. There’s three mesh filters which can easily be removed to keep your PC clean. There’s a slottable dust filter on the front, and one underneath for your power unit. My favorite one is the top mesh filter, which is magnetic. It’s a good feeling peeling back the magnetic strip and then whacking it back down. If you end up purchasing the 4000 case for yourself, you’ll definitely have to try this out!

Corsair 4000 case and iCUE CAPELLIX Cooler

Like many good computer parts, the Corsair 4000 cases and iCUE cooler don’t come cheap. Both the 4000D and 4000D Airflow cases come in black or white and are $79.99 USD (approx. $129.00 AUD) each. The iCUE 4000X case is $119.99 USD (approx. $209.00 AUD) and also comes in black or white. The iCUE CAPELLIX Liquid CPU Cooler only comes in white. That might help when making a decision on your case color. The iCUE H100i Elite CAPELLIX comes in at $149.99 USD (approx. $225.00 AUD). Then the H115i is $169.99 USD (approx. $259.00 AUD) followed by the larger H150i at $189.99 USD (approx. $299.99 AUD).

So it’s really not cheap. You’re spending a lot of money just on the case and cooler without even thinking of the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and GPU. But for something that looks amazing, and allows you to control all your fans, I’d definitely go for it. If you’re already spending a good chunk of money on a new PC, why not splash out a little more. Or if you’re just looking to upgrade, go for the iCUE CAPELLIX Cooler to up your game and your control.

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