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Austin “Cooper” Abadir is officially leaving Swole Patrol and is joining eUnited, according to reports.

This is the second player to join eUnited after the team would add Pujan “FNS” Mehta as in-game leader last month. Cooper would play for Mountain Dew League team, Swole Patrol, since January 2018. The team is currently 6-0 in their league, and have been looking like one of the better squads in the tournament. Although joining an ESL Pro League team in eUnited is a huge accomplishment for Cooper, not everyone is happy about his decision. One person that is voicing his displeasure with his decision is his brother, Ryan “freakazoid” Abadir. Freakazoid is also a former teammate of Cooper on Swole Patrol.

Freakazoid Speaks Out

When news of Cooper’s transfer broke, Freakazoid would take to social media to voice his complaints against his sibling. The former Cloud9 fragger would tweet, “Nothing to say about my brother, other than money over loyalty. Just another CS bum playing for paychecks and themselves. Good luck to you, brother.” He would quickly delete the tweet, then reply with another saying that he reacted out of anger and that he genuinely wished his brother luck.

Additionally, he would host a quick stream to explain his viewpoint on the whole situation, as well as his thoughts. Freakazoid would explain himself, saying that he felt backstabbed by his own brother, due to how Cooper would deal with the situation. Cooper actually had multiple instances where he could have joined eUnited before the season. Unfortunately, Cooper would delay his decision until the last minute. Now, the MDL Playoffs are less than two weeks away, with a chance at heading into the EPL at stake. This is the moment that Cooper decides to leave Swole Patrol. He leaves at a time where they needed him most.

Freakazoid would rant to his stream, stating that it wasn’t “a brotherly move”, and that he needed to “be a man” and make his decision without hesitating. It is also clear that Freakazoid is incredibly hurt by Cooper’s choice, as he would state, “We could have done it together, we could have made history.” It looks like Freakazoid really wanted to hit the big leagues with his brother, even saying that he would have supported his brother, even if he left the team. Even still, Freakazoid would also say that he will always love his brother and support him, even though his actions are disappointing.

What this means for Swole Patrol

For now, Swole Patrol will have to play with Brandon “Ace” Winn. He is being loaned from eUnited for the time being. Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, a player on Swole Patrol, would actually speak to Dan “Clerkie” Clerke, who is the General Manager of eUnited. They agree to send Ace over to Swole Patrol for the remainder of the MDL season, as well as the playoffs. It is a tough situation, as Cooper did put his old team into a very hard predicament. If he had the chance to tell his team his intentions before the season began, he should have done it. Additionally, his team is doing so well right now, that maybe sticking with Swole Patrol would have led him to the EPL anyway.

What are your thoughts on Cooper leaving Swole Patrol for eUnited? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more CS:GO coverage, check us out here!