Controller or mouse and keyboard? The best system setup for Hogwarts Legacy
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Like many other games in the modern era, Hogwarts Legacy will be releasing on both console and PC. In February, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Windows will be getting access to the game. The last-generation consoles and the Nintendo Switch release dates are set for later in the year. With the new Wizarding World title coming out on both platforms, players have been wondering what input device is best for them.

While consoles usually stick to a controller and PC players often prefer mouse and keyboard, Hogwarts Legacy might be better played with one over the other.

With today’s technology, there’s little stopping you from using a certain input device on any platform. For example, you can easily plug in a mouse and keyboard on PS5 or Xbox and just as simply use a controller for PC gaming. Though this is terrific for accessibility, it can create some confusion as to which device is better to use for certain games.

Hogwarts Legacy, controller or mouse and keyboard?

Hogwarts Legacy controller or mouse and keyboard
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Traditionally, games that are released on either last or current-gen consoles are mainly intended to be played using a controller. This is because console players primarily only use controllers, so the developers have to keep them in mind over PC, which can easily swap between a keyboard, mouse, and controller.

In Hogwarts Legacy, using a controller is a key factor to fully experience both the open world map and combat fighting during game play. Trying to navigate all of those on a keyboard can stretch your fingers to their limit due to Hogwarts Legacy having so many different spell combinations and other combat options. However, with a controller, all of the buttons you need are easily within reach. The joysticks also allow for easier navigation while in combat, giving you quick access to camera turns and dodging.

Of course, if you’re a PC master race veteran and are used to using your trusty keyboard and mouse in combat-heavy games, then that will be your best bet. Some games are simply easier for the masses on a controller. A game like Elden Ring, for example, was undoubtedly simpler for many players with a controller in their hand versus using a keyboard and mouse. The difficult combat was the primary reason for that. While Hogwarts Legacy won’t have combat nearly as hard as Elden Ring, it will be somewhat similar.

In the end, use whatever you feel most comfortable with. However, if you’re truly on the fence, then we suggest trying the game with a controller before you try it with a keyboard and mouse. If you want to see some community member discussing their experience with the different input devices to aid you in your decision, you can check out this Steam Community thread on the subject.

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