Controller changes coming to Fortnite in patch v10.40, including aim assist
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Epic Games released a blog post regarding changes to aim assist and sensitivity for Fortnite players that use controllers. Controller players should expect the upcoming changes in patch v10.40 on Wednesday, Sept 25. Additionally, the developer plans to add a new playlist called “The Combine.” This game mode consists of maps to challenge players. The Combine is open to all players and includes leaderboards.

Aim assist: nerf or buff?

Aim assist has been controversial since the beginning of Fortnite. Controller players loved the benefit of a weapon sight snapping to enemies. Alternatively, keyboard and mouse players loathed the game mechanic. Often, the Fortnite community argued about the strength of aim assist. The term most often used is “L2 spam.” This describes how controller players repeatedly pressed the aim button to snap to targets. Obviously, Epic Games saw the continued controversy and decided to make changes.

Above all, the changes to aim assist are necessary. The previous method of spamming a button was unhealthy for the game. This new system provides distance-based aim assistance. First, the strength is based on the distance of the target from the player. Additionally, the mechanic now accounts for multiple enemies on the screen. Epic Games said the changes should help players track a single target instead of swapping to new targets. Finally, the developers removed L2 spam. Now, aim assist guides players’ sights instead jumping straight to targets, and its strength can be adjusted. It remains to be seen whether the change helps or hurts controller players.

Advanced controller sensitivity settings

A full controller sensitivity settings rework is also coming to Fortnite. This means more customization, plus a simplified menu for newer players. The key changes are editing sensitivity, aim assist strength, and rotation boosts.

Editing sensitivity means the rotation by a player when in edit mode. Previously, Fortnite allowed players to choose separate sensitivities for aiming, regular gameplay, and building. Now, add editing to the mix.

Next, aim assist changes in patch v10.40, as does the ability to customize the mechanic. Before, players could not change the strength of aim assist. It was simply on or off. With the update, players decide how much assistance they prefer to play with.

Finally, the rotation boost is a completely new mechanic to Fortnite. It provides players an option of whether they want rotations to gradually speed up and at what pace. Simply put, when a player moves the controller stick fully in one direction, there will be an increase in the rotation speed of a player. The mechanic is fully adjustable and customizable.

The Combine

In the blog post, Epic Games provided little insight into what the new playlist includes. The information released makes The Combine sound like a playlist dedicated to editing, aiming, and building courses. Creators make tons of different maps in creative mode. Now, they may potentially be recognized for their work in this playlist. It’s similar to how creators have been featured in-game at “The Block.” The playlist includes leaderboards that can be sorted by devices. Players should expect to see competitions stemming from The Combine.