Control confirmed to be the third game for the CDL 2022-23 season
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After much speculation and even some controversy, the Call of Duty League has confirmed the lineup of game modes for the 2022-23 season in Modern Warfare 2.

As confirmed in the new blog post from the CDL, Control will be the third game mode alongside Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. There were some rumors that Capture the Flag and even Domination would be the third game mode this year. While some fans wouldn’t mind seeing Capture the Flag back in competitive, a majority of players and fans did not want to see Domination back. It was featured in Modern Warfare 2019 and didn’t play particularly well.

Luckily for the majority of the community, we’ll have the same game modes as we’ve had for the past two seasons. Hardpoint will occupy maps one and four, Search and Destroy will be on maps two and five, and Control will slot in on map three. Of course, this is only for a best-of-five series. In 2022, the CDL is abandoning the best of nine series for the grand finals. Instead, we will see a best of seven. This will likely feature one more Control map along with an additional Search and Destroy map.

Capture the Flag CDL
Capture the Flag was rumored to be the CDL’s third game. | Provided by Activision

While Control will be the third competitive game mode in the CDL, we actually haven’t seen any official gameplay of the mode in MW2. During the MW2 beta, we saw both Hardpoint and Search and Destroy played, but not Control. However, leaks from several data-miners have shown Control in-game, so it appears the mode will be available when MW2 launches on Oct. 28.

This means fans will get to fully play the competitive rotation in a private match right on release. Although, fans will have to wait on an official Ranked Play mode. According to leaks, that mode could be arriving with Season 1 Reloaded on Dec. 14, which is one day before the CDL Major I begins.

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