CompLexity Gaming unveils Apex Legends roster
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On April 18, compLexity Gaming announced they were signing former H1Z1 Pro League players Gabe “Gabeismon” Brunelle, Ryan “Reptar” Boyd, and Kyle “Kyraig” Craig to their Apex Legends roster.

Apex‘s meteoric launch caught the eye of nearly everyone in esports and gaming,” compLexity said. “We were no exception. We’ve worked over these past weeks to find a roster that will not only be dominant on the battlefield, but that emulates our values of professionalism and passion.”

Gabe “Gabeismon” Brunelle previously competed professionally in H1Z1 under organizations like Noble and SoaR Gaming. Some of his achievements also include winning various LAN tournaments in CSGO in 2016 and the $20,000 Code Red Duo Tourny with LyndonFPS.

Ryan “Reptar” Boyd competed professionally in H1Z1 under organizations like Tempo Storm, World Best Gaming, and Team Gates. Some of his achievements also include later competing in the Liquid Prestige Duo Tournaments with Reptar.

Kyle “Kyraig” Craig previously played professionally in H1Z1 under organizations like SoaR Gaming, Azio Esports, Team Gates, and Gankstars.

New Rosters in Apex Legends?

With lots of previous experience in the battle royale game mode, the team looks like a strong competitor in the Apex Legends scene. However, with a dwindling viewer base on Twitch, one can only wonder why teams are still signing Apex Legends rosters. Respawn Entertainment has not yet released an official announcement about an esports league.

The game surpassed records in viewership and player base quickly upon release. Many in the community viewed Apex Legends as the next big battle royale game, one providing a different playstyle alongside Fortnite. Apex hit 25 million downloads in the first week and 50M players in the first month.

Once at least in the top three on Twitch, it now barely holds a 30,000 – 35,000 viewership count. Five to six streamers who range between 1,000 – 4,000 viewers each support more than half of the viewer base. Some have credited this drop in players to the lack of fresh content, the fact that the game is filled with bugs, a plethora of hackers, or Fortnite’s large prize pool tournaments.

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Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.