Complexity Gaming partners with U.S. Army's BOSS program
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The North American esports organization Complexity Gaming is partnering with the U.S. Military. As announced on their website, Complexity will work with the U.S. Army on their BOSS program. BOSS stands for “Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers,” which has been active for a few years now.

Their partnership will consist of two events, one held by each side. The first event, organized by the U.S. Army, will take place in El Paso, Texas from June 13 to 16. The second event, hosted by Complexity Gaming, will take place in Frisco, Texas at Complexity’s GameStop Performance Center.

Details of the partnership

Firstly, the Complexity will travel to El Paso, Texas, where they will live and train with the soldiers. Furthermore, the three-day boot camp will train the players in discipline and resilience. The players will also participate in military-style drills alongside active soldiers. Lastly, the soldiers will have a chance to compete with the players in many popular game titles.

The second event will see the U.S. Army personnel traveling to Frisco for a gaming boot camp. There they will have the chance to train their gaming skills like the esports athletes with the assistance of the Complexity staff. Furthermore, they will have access to Complexity’s cognitive Mind Gym, training rooms, and all other facilities. To conclude the event, the soldiers will compete in an esports tournament with various awards for the top 15 gamers. The tournament will also be streamed on the Army Entertainment Twitch channel.

Lastly, Complexity’s partnership with the Army will supposedly emphasize the values both sides share. Love of competition, passion for gaming, and teamwork are just a few of the values common to members of both parties. Complexity will continue working with the U.S. Army on future projects as well, even after the aforementioned events end.

Complexity Gaming is a legacy North American esports organization. Established in 2003, the team is currently owned by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and investor John Goff. They have teams in multiple esports, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Fortnite, and FIFA.

Better Opportunites for Single Soldiers

The BOSS program is intended for single and unaccompanied soldiers. It consists of three main components – quality for life, recreation, and leisure. Additionally, the program also involves some form of community service. The latter involves participating in local programs and events to help others and make a difference. Finally, the main intent of the program is to enhance the life of single soldiers currently serving in the U.S. military.

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