Complexity CS:GO coach apologizes for accidental cheating
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During Complexity Gaming and MIBR’s Group B elimination match, watchers noticed something interesting. In the 12th round, the Complexity coach appeared to point out an enemy player on one of his player’s screens. Complexity and MiBR both ended up eliminated from FACEIT’s Season 7 Esports Championship Series. However, it appears Complexity head coach Matt “Warden” Dickens violated FACEIT rules with his actions.

Complexity Gaming rule violation

Well-known CS:GO Twitter personality DonHaci noticed Warden’s rule violation and posted on Twitter. In his words, “Rickeh doesn’t notice that Felps is boosted, but their coach Warden points it out with his finger to him, is that even allowed?”

In the Twitch clip shown above, you can see Warden pointing directly at Ricky “Rickeh” Mulholland’s monitor. Rickeh is looking at another part of the map beforehand. Because of that, he doesn’t notice that João “felps” Vasconcellos is next to the window. By pointing out felps’ position, Rickeh was able to easily take out the enemy player.

MiBR’s CS:GO coach, Wilton “zews” Prado, responded to DonHaci on Twitter. He quoted the tweet with, “Wish you were our ref [DonHaci] cause someone didn’t do their job. Not cool.” He also expressed his disappointment in the referees at the event. Replies to the original tweet were comments by others in the scene about how referees were always on their phones. When Warden saw the tweet, he quickly apologized in a chain of tweets.

Warden’s apology to MiBR

“Completely reactionary as a human and a big mistake. I’ve apologized to zews and the MIBR players already. What happened was the team had called out to Ricky multiple times that he [saw] a T. After glancing towards Ricky’s screen and spotting the [Terrorist], I immediately reacted instinctively,” replied Complexity head coach Matt “Warden” Dickens. “This particular situation has never occurred anytime in my career. I feel terrible and regret my actions but unfortunately, all I can do at this point is [to] admit my mistake and move on.”

He later goes on to write that he wasn’t even aware of the fact that he slipped up and broke a rule. Only after Complexity Gaming started playing against Team Vitality was he notified by staff at the Esports Championship Series. He says that he was “warned by the head of ECS of my violation” after map 1 of Complexity’s Vitality match. Warden later describes that he has “admired” the MiBR team and its players. Dickens then ends off this apology with a thank you statement to his fans for their support.

Normally, this may have resulted in a team’s disqualification. However, the team has already been eliminated from ECS. What do you think about the situation? Keep up with all of the latest CS:GO news and content here at Daily Esports.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.