Competitive in-person Fortnite events are returning in 2022
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While the battle bus has been chugging along since early 2020, Fortnite players have been eager to see the return of in-person events like the Fortnite World Cup. They’ll be happy to hear that live events are returning in 2022, according to Epic Games.

Epic Games announced that it is accepting proposals for third-party events on a case-by-case basis. The North Carolina-based company didn’t say anything about whether or not official events would return, adding that more information would come in the future. The announcement was made during the Grand Royale broadcast on Nov. 19.

“All approvals will be subject to applicable public health guidelines and restrictions that may be in place,” reads a blog post on Epic’s official site about competitive Fortnite in 2022. “We’ll keep you updated on those plans as they are finalized.”

Fortnite is coming back to LAN in 2022

Duos has often been favored over Trios in the Fortnite community | Provided by Epic Games

The FNCS will be switching from a trios format to duos when the season kicks off in February. A number of other format adjustments are also coming, including the following changes:

  • Each region will include two qualifiers
  • Qualifiers will be narrowed down to three rounds from four
  • Semifinals will now only consist of a single heat/lobby with matches on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Teams who consistently perform well will also advance to the finals along with the winners of each semifinals match
  • The finals will feature a Match Point format

The Match Point format and promotion of non-winning teams are part of what Epic is calling “new tournament technology.” The teams that advance to the finals through performing well (without earning a Victory Royale) will be replaced by the next duos on the leaderboard. This will repeat until all 50 duos spots have been filled for finals.

The Match Point format will crown a FNCS champion early if a team reach the designated point threshold and earn two Victory Royales. If no team reaches those benchmarks, the tournament will end at its normally scheduled time.

“Our main goal with implementing this new technology is to continue down the path where Victory Royales deliver a huge impact for any given match, while balancing single match wins carefully with consistent tournament placement and eliminations,” reads the blog post. Epic Games added that the point threshold will be high enough (using historical data) so that the tournament should not end on Day 1.

A lot has been happening with Fortnite in-game recently. Naruto and other characters from the anime have made their way to the island, the B.R.U.T.E. mech has returned after players were worried about it and Epic Games is preparing for a hectic final few weeks of Season 8 by unleashing a number of vaulted items back into the battle royale.

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