Community outcry results from PGL practice rooms at the International 10
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Several reports have come out of Bucharest, Romania regarding the quality of practice rooms at the International 10 venue. While some teams have gotten practice rooms with a lot of space, others have been given spaces that can barely fit all team members. Team Spirit was the first to show footage of the rooms this morning.

PGL determines practice rooms based on seeding at The International 10

There was much outcry today on Twitter from several community members regarding the state of practice rooms at The International 10. The above footage was posted on Team Spirit’s Twitter account as a look into the practice rooms given to teams ahead of the group stages on Oct. 7. Team Spirit’s practice rooms are no larger than the size of a dormitory in university, as one of the players mentioned in the video. Computers have not had their Windows keys activated, and sources close to Upcomer have stated that there was no Internet connection for the majority of the first day. Due to this, teams had to cancel scrims.

Additionally, certain teams have been given better practice rooms than others. The common trend is that teams that have better seeds in the regular season of the DPC have received the better practice rooms. Dota 2 Maincast’s Russian account shared an image of’s practice rooms on Twitter, which are significantly larger than Team Spirit’s.

Other members of the community have expressed their disappointment regarding the state of practice rooms at The International 10. This includes one of the owners of Alliance Kelly “Kellymilkies” Sedai.

In the same Twitter post, she mentioned the fact that she had to find out that Valve decided to return tickets to the International 10 after canceling in-person attendance at the event through Twitter.

She mentions the fact that this is not PGL’s first time hosting a TI and that there should’ve been a warning to teams regarding the cancellation of the tickets. Overall, the first day of The International 10 bubble has been fraught with issues and there seems to be more to come.

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