Cloud9 wins 27-minute LCS game against TSM - Upcomer
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Popular North American team Cloud9 continues as the undefeated team of the 2020 League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). After their quick victory against Team SoloMid, they’re more than ready to take on their next opponents.

A rocky week for TSM

Yesterday’s game against TSM ended in a not-so-surprising victory, as viewers on social media already predicted the Cloud9 win. Their long-time rivals TSM are having a turbulent season winning only 4 out of 7 games so far.

In a week 4 teaser uploaded two days ago on YouTube, TSM jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett shared some thoughts on the upcoming match. “C9 has had really consistent games on stage, and they’re just ahead of everyone else right now,” he said. “Personally, I believe C9 is the best team in the league right now.” After the quick 27-minute game last night, C9 proved Dardoch right.

No focus on objectives

The game began with TSM’s lead over Cloud9 as TSM mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg’s Renekton called first blood. As he and Dardoch killed both C9’s mid laner and jungler, fans were optimistic that this game would be a good one for TSM. Their gold lead slowly dissipated 10 minutes in as C9 caught up. As both teams battled it out in front of Rift Herald, C9 mid laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer went after TSM’s support, Vincent “Biofrost” Wang. Right after, C9’s ADC Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen killed Dardoch and Bjergsen in a double-kill. This interaction put C9 ahead at an almost 2,000 gold difference.

Pushing towards their Nexus

By the 15-minute mark, Cloud9 already had 6 kills next to TSM’s 4, and they also held the Infernal and Cloud Drakes. Soon after, they fought for Mountain Drake, resulting in TSM losing 2 other teammates. In that last team fight, C9 top laner Eric “Licorice” Ritchie dealt close to 2,200 damage along with Zven’s 2,502. As they grew stronger, the odds of TSM winning became slim. Ten towers, 4 Drakes, and 15 kills later, C9 pushed towards TSM’s Nexus and called victory.

The LCS community’s response

As C9 excitedly finished the game, the LCS community quickly turned to Twitter to discuss the match. LCS commentator and analyst Christopher “MonteCristo” Kjell Mykles shared his disappointment with his followers, jokingly asking for a refund at the end of the game.

Along with last night’s game, Cloud9’s Academy team also won against TSM’s Academy team. It has certainly been a great week for them.

Cloud9 will continue to play undefeated until they go up against Evil Geniuses on Monday, Feb. 17. Let’s hope this one is a bit more exciting than last night’s game. Are you rooting for a #C9Win or #EGWin?