Cloud9 suffers first loss of LCS Spring Split to TSM
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After going 12-0 in 6 weeks of LCS action, Cloud9’s undefeated streak has finally come to an end. Team Solo Mid (TSM) defeated the league leaders in 26 minutes to dash their hopes of a perfect split. But while the team suffered their first defeat of the split, they have already qualified for playoffs.

How TSM put an end to Cloud9’s winning streak

From the first week of this split, Cloud9 has controlled the tempo of the LCS. Their ability to control early games and get objectives has been key to their success so far. Aside from this, Cloud9’s game against Dignitas last week was the first time they lost their mid lane turret in the entire split. So how did a Sett top, paired up with Jarvan IV, Zilean, Rakan, and Xayah on the rift beat C9’s composition?

Well, the game started smoothly for both teams with not much difference at the five-minute mark. Cloud9 started with their trademark style of getting objectives and setting the pace of the game. They got the first Drake of the game, but TSM was also not in a bad position. They picked up the Rift Herald before the 10-minute mark and got a kill onto Eric “Licorice” Ritchie. However, C9 responded with two kills within a matter of seconds and secured the second Drake.

After that, TSM still moved into the top lane and killed Licorice once again, but the Shen ultimate from C9 swung the game in their favor. Nonetheless, TSM was still jumping into fights and had a gold lead 15 minutes in. They got the third Drake and a triple kill for their bot laner after a bad execution from C9.

Following the Drake fight, TSM was fully activated. They went for more blood and wiped out four members of C9 along with a tier-one mid lane turret.

TSM then took Baron, becoming the first team to do so against Cloud9 this split. They used Baron buff to push in for tier two and three turrets. With a 7,000 gold lead, TSM eliminated Zven early from the last fight and marched on to take down the base. TSM’s win means that they still hold the record for the best start to a split, which is 14-0. The team must now show consistency against FlyQuest in its next game to increase its playoff prospects.

Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.