Jensen and Smoothie return to Cloud9's main roster, Sneaky remains in Academy
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A few weeks ago we alerted you that Cloud9 was benching their three star players to begin the NA LCS Summer Split. It seems that the trip to the Academy is finally over – at least, for two of them. According to a report from InvenGlobal, Jensen and Smoothie are getting the call back up to Cloud9’s main roster. Keith and Zeyzal have been sent back down to the Academy squad, where the team’s long-time ADC, Sneaky, still remains.

C9 Reapered has confirmed with Inven Global that Jensen and Smoothie will be put back into the NA LCS roster. The previous bot lane of Keith and Zeyzal will be transferred back over to the Academy team.

In addition, Reapered has explained that the reasoning behind the roster changes is “We are recruiting players who are better suited to the current meta.”

Mid mains in the bot lane?

Fans of the NA LCS have long wondered when a team would finally try running a mid lane main into the bottom lane. It seems that day is finally approaching. When games resume, one of Cloud9’s mid laners, either Jensen or GoldenGlue, will be shifting to the chaotic bot lane.

The current bot lane meta is actually very favorable to mid lane players. Mage champions like Brand and Vladimir have taken over the duo-lane. Traditional bot lane carries are suddenly out of their element. Players like Jensen and GoldenGlue have years of experience on mage champions and will carry a distinct advantage over their opponents, who are far less experienced in the current state of the meta.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen what Cloud9 plan to do with their Academy roster, which now carries two ADC’s. In a meta that is already unforgiving to Marksmen, will Sneaky or Keith be forced into the mid lane? Neither player will be comfortable with such an assignment.

As always, regardless of what happens, we’ll keep you caught up and posted. Continue to check back often for any updates to League of Legends or the NA LCS.