Cloud9 CEO caught off guard by team's rogue election tweet
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While a tight and stressful election night was expected by many, an esports organization going rogue and making an unprofessional tweet about it was not. Cloud9’s official team Twitter page joined in on the night’s chaos with a tweet seemingly predicting that Donald Trump would win the 2020 US Presidential Election and team CEO Jack Etienne had a big reaction.

Cloud9 makes rogue election tweet and CEO Jack Etienne loses his mind

There’s no coming back from that

The official team channel tweeted, “Well, congrats on winning Election, Trump. There’s no way that Biden come back from that. #Election2020” The tweet looked like a reference to one posted by Cloud9 themselves back in September. The previous iteration was in reference to the TSM and FlyQuest LCS Summer Finals series. TSM was up 2-0 at the time.

While both tweets could be construed at humorous attempts at a reverse-jinx, many of the Twitter commenters were of the belief that the team should not be making light of something as serious as the election.

One user commented, “Maybe table the memes for a single evening.” Another user added, “I get that it’s a joke, but political stuff like this is no joke. The presidential election has significant implications for many minorities.”

For what it’s worth, Cloud9’s first attempt at the reverse-jinx failed. While TSM did give up two games to FlyQuest to make it interesting, the team managed to close out the series and win their their seventh LCS title.

Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne loses his mind over team's rogue election tweet

Cloud9 Jack caught off guard

Regardless of whether the tweet was made in jest, the team’s CEO, Jack Etienne, quickly responded the tweet and offered a huge reaction: “Who approved this WTF?!” The team’s social media manager, C9 Mateus echoed: “Yo wtf who approved this tweet.”

While there’s always the possibility that Jack and Mateus are in on the joke here, we can’t imagine that will go over well with many of their fans.

One upset Twitter user replied to Jack with some valid concerns: “I hope it wasn’t you. Meme-ing an election that has the potential to negatively impact millions of people isn’t it, AT ALL. Maybe think about the LGBTQ+ people that your org claims to support before making light of a situation that has some fearing for their very lives.”

It remains to be seen if the tweet will eventually be taken down and whether there will be any repercussions or further statements made by Cloud9.

At the time of writing, Cloud9’s tweet was still live and had already picked up 8,400 likes and 1,200 retweets. Jack’s reaction had more than 1,500 likes.