Cloud9 and Puma release 2020 apparel collection
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German active-wear brand Puma have released their Cloud9 Gameday Kits. The apparel collection, titled PUMA x CLOUD9, has comfortable fitting clothes for both women and men.

Puma and Cloud9 (C9) have been partners since January 2019. The teams have worked together several times since then. Their first apparel collaboration was the fall-winter 2019 collection. Now, they have released their 2020 set with all new designs. On the official Puma website, each piece has a product story, which reads as follows.

“Make a statement as soon as you storm into the arena. One that says to fans and foes alike, ‘I’m ready. Are you?’ With the PUMA x CLOUD9 Gameday Kits, no one’s questioning you. Bold moves are on full display with bright, neon accents and the PUMA and CLOUD9 logos on blast.”

The Gameday Kit

The “Gameday Kit” features an array of jerseys, joggers, t-shirts and sweaters. These pieces feature C9’s trademark black, white and blue colors. They have also released a women’s fit jersey with “Cloud 9” branded in bold letters. This collection is a step up from their previous winter style, as the logo and designs are bolder. 

Pricing for the apparel ranges from $25 to $80. Their cheapest piece is the “Big Cat” design from their previous collection. Most of the clothes also show off neon colors such as pink and blue. The most notable article of clothing is the moisture-wicking jersey, which shows faded gray clouds under a white “Cloud9” on the chest. They also place sponsor logos are also in the shoulder area of the jersey.

Marketing on social media

C9 advertised the collaboration on their Twitter account. Their post featured a video produced by C9 showing off their League of Legends team. They also produced a post with a different Puma video that included their CS:GO team. Aside from that, C9 also featured the collection on its Instagram story.

This move makes C9 one of several esports organizations that have recently revealed new merchandise. Late last month, 100 Thieves announced their new apparel line as an addition to the opening of their new facility. Overall, this new clothing line has plenty of positive feedback. Many Twitter responses show excitement over buying new C9 apparel, especially since the new LCS season just recently started.