CLG wins against Team Liquid with a top lane Janna
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Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) pushed for victory in last night’s game against Team Liquid. The bottom-tier team on the LCS standings list has continuously shown signs of improvement as the weeks go by. Ever since the switch from their Mid Laner Lee “Crown” Min-ho to Eugene “Pobelter” Park, the team has done progressively better. And last night’s game proved they’re still fighting for a spot in playoffs.

The 50-minute game ended in a jaw-dropping triple kill made by Pobelter’s Syndra. Although his 11-1 score helped pave the way to CLG’s victory, the motivation and teamwork against TL remained unmatched. Flaunting 4 dragons, 9 towers, 14 kills, and a large gold difference, it’s no question why they won against the 7th-placed team.

Shocking the audience

The biggest shocker was CLG’s instant-lock on their top lane Janna. Soraka and Sona top have been popular this season, and CLG made a daring move to play a healer as their top lane. Fortunately for them, it was the key to their success. Kim “Ruin” Hyeong-min’s Janna provided plenty of healing and contributed to most kills with a final score of 1/1/10.

This game was also Oh “Wind” Myeong-jin’s first professional LCS game. He is currently substituting for LCS veteran player Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes. CLG has now placed Stixxay in Wind’s CLG Academy spot as they attempt to “continue building positive growth”. LCS commentators were a bit skeptical of this move, as Wind has a worse win rate than Stixxay. At the end of the game, however, he proved himself to be worthy as a player.

Team Liquid attempts to fight back

Of course, TL still attempted to fight back on a losing match. By the 30-minute mark, they had successfully earned the first Baron. Unfortunately, this was not enough to save the game, as CLG eventually pushed back and worked their way to TL’s Nexus.

This game bumped CLG’s standing to 3 victories and 10 losses. Although they still sit at the bottom of the list, they have many opportunities to move up. If they continue playing as aggressively and as calculated as they did with TL, they may still have a shot at playoffs.

The LCS is more than halfway done with their Spring Split. Stay tuned tonight for CLG’s next game against Evil Geniuses. They’ll continue working their way to the top until they play against Cloud9 – the top team of the season. Although C9 experienced their first loss this weekend, CLG might still have a tough time defeating them.