CLG releases Reignover from League of Legends roster - Upcomer
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After one of the worst years in the organization’s history, Counter Logic Gaming is making another big change to their team. It looks like CLG is letting go of former Korean star, Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin.

This news comes after CLG would suffer their worst finishes since joining the NA LCS. In the 2018 Spring Split, the team would finish in seventh place after going on a six-game losing streak in the middle of the season. Afterward, CLG would falter even further and drop to eighth place in the Summer Split. It is their lowest finish yet and would prompt another key member of the team, Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyun, to leave in the offseason.

Reignover: A Comeback Story?

Reignover hasn’t been having the best luck over the past couple of years. Ever since he would split with fellow Korean star, Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon, his career would take a pretty bad decline. After his years on Fnatic and Immortals, there would be some pretty high expectations for him in the NA LCS. In 2017, he would first join Team Liquid in one of his worst seasons ever. In both the 2017 Spring and Summer Split, they would end up in second-last place. He would end up leaving Team Liquid and joining CLG for the 2018 year.

On the other hand, Huni would have a pretty good few years after splitting with Reignover. After leaving Immortals, he would end up joining perennial World Champions, SK Telecom T1. He would end up reaching the Finals of Worlds in 2017 with the team. After that year, he would return to North America with Echo Fox. There, he would finish in second place during the 2018 Spring Split and fourth in the Summer Split. It is a stark contrast to how Reignover’s career has turned out, but now both players have reached a low point in the career. Reignover is currently looking for a team, while Huni is on the bottom-seeded Clutch Gaming roster.

Possible Destinations?

One rumored team that Reignover is being linked to is Team Solo Mid. The six-time NA LCS champions are in need of jungler after last year. TSM would suffer their worst year as an organization yet, with the team missing Worlds for the first time in its history. The jungle position was a highly discussed topic for the team, as they would juggle between two players in 2018. Jonathan “Grig” Armao and Michael “MikeYeung” Yeung would split the year with the team, to limited success. Many people would wonder if the team would stick with Grig, as they did during the Summer Split. However, both junglers struggled during their stint with TSM and could be replaced.

Unfortunately, every other NA LCS team has found a jungler for the 2019 Spring Split. It will be tough for Reignover to find a starting spot on an LCS team. Therefore, there are two options for him at this point. He could try his luck and join an LEC team over in Europe. However, with how he has been performing, it isn’t guaranteed that he will find a starting position on any team. The other, more realistic option, could be to join an NA Academy team. Although it’s not what Reignover may want, it may be the best choice for his career. He would be able to prove himself again, while also staying active in the league.

What are your thoughts on Reignover leaving CLG? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more League of Legends coverage, check us out here!