Clash returns to League of Legends European servers for testing
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League of Legends‘ Clash game mode is returning to the European region for two days of testing. The competitive team-based mode was most recently released for a short period of time on North American servers in August. Now, fans on European servers and in Russia will be able to participate if they meet certain requirements.

Europe Clash testing

Players are eligible for the Clash test if they finish their ranked placements and have accounts at or above honor level 2. Team creation began on Sept 30 and will end on Oct 4. The official testing will take place over the following 2-day weekend, Oct 5-6. There is no ticket required to play during this time.

There will be a rolling bracket instead of a single start time per skill tier. This means players do not have to lock in at a certain time, like most esports tournaments work. Instead, teams can lock in at any time during a certain window. They will then be placed into a bracket as soon as one is available. This type of style in Clash allows players to compete on their own schedule and stagger game start times.

Two tournaments

In addition, the two days will be separate from each other. This makes them less complicated. There will be brackets consisting of 8 teams on both days. Players can choose to compete on only one day or both. Similar to the North American Clash test, there will also be additional bracket repair technology to fix issues that come up. An example would be if an opponent disconnects during the match. If this happens, another team would be substituted to take their place in the first match.

Participants in the European region League of Legends Clash testing will receive various cosmetic in-game rewards. This includes loot boxes, player icons, and victory points. Victory points can be redeemed toward in-game banners and team logos. The testing will happen during the same time frame as the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. This year’s world championship takes place in Europe between Oct 2 and Nov 10.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.