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Riot Games has delayed the League of Legends EUW and EUN Clash launch due to several bug issues. The problems have to do with servers’ ability to perform properly, and many people are not happy. They have originally scheduled this game mode to go live this weekend, but it has now been rescheduled.

League of Legends’ new tournament game mode, Clash, has been long-awaited since its beta testing in 2019. It offers new objectives and goals not found in the regular game modes. Players can create teams of five, compete against others, and then win prizes and rewards. Riot Games offered players a chance to register their teams online to receive a free ticket, originally costing 215 RP or 990 Blue Essence. Excited League of Legends fans quickly signed up so they can take part once the game mode releases. 

Unfortunately, those in the European region will have to wait a bit longer to take part in the fun. The game mode, scheduled for launched on February 22, is going to be available in all regions except for EUW and EUN. 

Breaking the news

The Lead Producer at Riot Games, Jeremy ‘Brightmoon” Lee, shared the disappointing news on his Twitter account. “Server issues (unrelated to Clash) have been impacting those regions for the past 48 hours in ways we can’t give a solid Clash experience.”

Followers who commented on the post were more than disappointed, stating they had waited a long time for today’s launch of Clash. One person even mentioned they had rescheduled prior appointments, hoping to play the game instead.

Not the first time

This delay shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, as Clash had experienced many bugs during the beta testing. Back in May, when the game mode first launched its testing, Riot had addressed several problems. The bugs pertained mostly to server and system issues. Because of this, Clash had been canceled in every region that was scheduled for the launch. Soon after in October, the Developer’s blog had posted about a successful Clash weekend in the EU servers. This gave many fans false hope about a future successful launch.

We’re hoping these server problems get resolved over the week as League of Legends players are eagerly waiting to play. Brightmoon is aware of how frustrating it is as a player, and he gives his sincere apology for the delays. All other servers are doing well so far and are not affected by the European region game issues.