CBS announces Rick Fox-focused LoL Esports comedy series
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Echo Fox has been a part of the LCS for a little over four years. It was owned by former NBA player Rick Fox, whose purchase of the LCS spot was very important for both traditional sports and esports. The team proved quite successful in 2018, even making it to Rift Rivals as one of NA’s representatives.

Unfortunately, their last year in the LCS wasn’t as glorious, to say the least. Surrounded by a lot of drama – in addition to the team performing poorly in general – the League of Legends team ultimately disbanded, and Fox supposedly left the organization. However, this isn’t the end of Rick Fox’s esports story. It will continue, though not in the way you might think.

A comedy series centered around Rick’s esports journey

As reported by Deadline and announced on Rick Fox’s Twitter, CBS gave the green light for Fox to make a new comedy series. With Rick Fox as the producer, along with the team behind Me, Myself & I, the show is expected to be based mostly around Fox’s venture into esports. The show will be a single-camera comedy produced by Kapital Entertainment and Warner Bros. TV. We don’t have a release date yet, but the show will likely come out in the next few years.

As you might recall, Fox purchased Gravity Gaming’s spot in the NA LCS back in 2015. Fox’s main intention for the purchase was to get closer to his son, who is a big gaming and esports fan. The two often played games together while streaming their gameplay on Twitch. Furthermore, Rick Fox’s journey through League of Legends ranked became some sort of a meme. A Reddit post would often pop up as he climbed or dropped a division, mostly playing Lucian in the bottom lane. Unfortunately, after the recent drama, the LCS decided to exclude Echo Fox from the league starting next year.

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