Caustic bug makes his trap ludicrously overpowered in Apex Legends
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Just like any other multiplayer title, Apex Legends has seen its fair share of bugs and glitches. While some are minor, others are game-breaking and need a quick patch from Respawn Entertainment. The latest bug in Apex Legends falls into the latter category. It’s unknown when this bug came into the game, but it’s currently making Caustic and his traps a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully we will see a quick resolution from Respawn, but in the meantime, players will keep abusing this new, hilarious Caustic bug.

Caustic and his traps receive a huge unintended buff

We don’t exactly know what triggers this bug in-game, but players have some guesses. Before we dive into any of that though, we need to see the bug in action. One Reddit user by the name of Crixux shows exactly how lethal and funny this bug can be.

The Caustic trap bug resulted in an epic win for our team from apexlegends

As we can see from the video, Caustic’s traps aren’t necessarily working right. Once placed on the ground, the trap is supposed to simply sit there until an enemy player triggers it, releasing the Nova Gas. With this bug, however, the trap is gliding across the ground and causing some crazy moments like the one we saw.

Some players have guessed that the bug has to do with grenade trajectories. Caustic’s traps actually act as a grenade in Apex Legends, except the traps don’t travel like regular grenades. Redittor Mirage_Main gives us some insight into what could be triggering the bug, saying among other things, “Caustic trap placement is actually tied to it when it finds a place to ‘lock.’ If the process isn’t complete, the trap will just continue using the momentum to keep moving.”

Regardless of what causes this, it’s clear Respawn needs to fix it. An issue of this nature has a real effect on the meta of Apex Legends.

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