Casters Maven and MerK return to the CDL
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There was a lot of uncertainty in the air when longtime Call of Duty League casters Clint “Maven” Evans and Joe “MerK” DeLuca said they wouldn’t be casting the Call of Duty league Kick Off Classic. Now, both casters have announced that they will be casting Call of Duty League Major and Champs events.

“Joe & I will be back for all CDL Majors and Champs. I’m excited to be back,” Maven said in a tweet. “This is my home. Thanks to all the fans for the support along the way. Now it’s time to shake the rust off and get after it this weekend. It shall be a glorious time!!”

Both casters will be working Call of Duty League Major I in Arlington this weekend.

MerK and Maven are back for Call of Duty League Major I

Both casters will only be returning for Major and Champs events. They won’t be casting regular season matches, according to Maven’s tweet. He added that he may be streaming other games while official matches are happening.

“At first, it was odd to not be doing the entire league, but I think this could be a good thing! I want to work on the CDL forever, but will now need to work on other projects as well,” he said. “Sometimes I may be streaming or working on other things during league matches FYI.”

Both casters had previously spoken about possibly not returning to the league this season. MerK talked about this on stream ahead of the CDL Kick Off event, while Maven went as far as to say there are some “internal battles” on the production side. Fans and Call of Duty players have shared how happy they are that the duo is returning to cast this season.

“Get over here,” Anthony “Methodz” Zinni said in reply to Maven’s tweet.

“I can’t wait to hold you,” Maven said in reply.

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