Carnage! Aussie CS:GO team to compete at Girl Gamer Festival in Dubai
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Last weekend, the Girl Gamer Festival was held in Sydney. It’s a global festival celebrating women in esports and their talent. This year, the Girl Gamer team took it to the next level. They announced their world tour taking pace in Australia, South Korea, Spain, and Brazil. All events lead to the world finals in Dubai. Teams from each region compete for the Championship title. CS:GO is a heavy focus of the event, with teams all around the world battling it out. In Australia, Carnage Esports took first place to earn their place in Dubai.

Carnage has a fantastic team composition. Two of their older players, Jessica “ARTeMis” Majrouh and Connie “konii” Ko, led the charge. These ladies displayed extraordinary leadership and direction to their younger players. This all-female line up has competed at numerous tournaments nationally and globally, in both women’s and mixed competitions. The talent in the team was leagues ahead some of their competitors.

Before playing in front of a live audience, 16 female teams competed in an online qualifier for the competition. The top four went on to play live on stage. Carnage looked strong all weekend. They breezed through the double elimination bracket and straight into the finals. Whilst Carnage was the clear winner, Fusion Gaming gave them a great display of talent, wowing the fans both in person and online.

Having won the Australian Girl Gamer, Carnage now goes on to represent Australia in Dubai. Congratulations are also in order for the third place (Downfall Gaming) and fourth place (FTD) for making it through the qualifiers.

Fusion Boys take Overwatch title

While CS:GO features heavily, other games were on show for the girls too. Gamers were seen playing Super Smash Bros. around the arena too. Both female and mixed competitions were on offer. Overwatch was another big highlight. Female teams from around Australia and New Zealand competed in a similar online qualifier to CS:GO. Four teams made it through to the finals, playing live on stage.

While many teams trained, they were no match for Fusion Boys. This team is comprised of many players currently competing in Overwatch Contenders Australia. They showed what it takes to roll with the big leagues. Fusion Boys defeated Yeah Nah Yeah in the finals, taking home the trophy. A third place match was played against MC Esports and Crimson Jewels, with Crimson taking the win.

Girl Gamer was a great tournament to showcase the skills and talents of women and girls in esports. Not only were they players, but women made up many of the casters, hosts, and organizers of the event. Girls were inspired by the panel discussions and keynote speakers. A similar format will follow in all Girl Gamer events around the world.

We wish Carnage all the best in Dubai. If you missed the carnage or Overwatch action, check out all the streams on the official Twitch channel.

Disclaimer: Michelle “MishManners” Mannering participated in Girl Gamer in the Overwatch competition, representing MC Esports.

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