Carbot Animations releases StarCraft: Cartooned as StarCraft DLC
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If you’ve ever been graced with the opportunity to watch the animated series StarCrafts, then like many viewers you may have had fantasies of using adorable Zerglings and Derpfestors to tear up your opponent’s army and ego. With the release of StarCraft: Cartooned as StarCraft: Remastered DLC, you finally have your chance.

StarCraft: Cartooned is StarCraft: Remastered DLC

Carbot Comes to the ‘Craft

In collaboration with Blizzard, Carbot Animations has painstakingly animated the entire game in the same style as the StarCrafts universe. Jonathan Burton, the creator of Carbot Animations, spoke about his experience in a video. Burton was flown out to the Korean StarCraft League (KSL) finals in Seoul, South Korea to announce the project. In the video, he explains Cartooned as a “whole graphics overhaul” that is officially endorsed by Blizzard. Burton had previously put out an unofficial mod with StarCraft 2, but this time it was done with Blizzard’s green light and support.

Burton has been working on this project for “year and a half, almost two years” and seemed extremely grateful to Blizzard for the opportunity. “It feels like a brand new game,” Burton says, “It’s weird how a simple graphics change makes the game feel completely new and different.” Few pieces of the original Remastered experience remain, but the Cartooned DLC creates a world chock-full of Burton’s animations. Burton has hope that with enough support for the project, Blizzard will be more open to collaboration in the future. In the meantime, Jonathan will be busy finishing the final season of StarCrafts.

StarCraft: Cartooned is StarCraft: Remastered DLC

Here’s what you’ll need

StarCraft: Brood War, in all its 1990s glory, is available for free and can be downloaded from the Blizzard Launcher app. The recently released StarCraft: Remastered is a $15 upgrade and is required if you wish to get the StarCraft: Cartooned official mod. Starcraft: Cartooned is offered at $10, a very reasonable price tag for the amount of passion put into the project by Carbot and Blizzard. Arguably, the new look creates even more visual clarity than the Remastered project, so this fun project may even appeal to the esports-focused side of the community.

Let us know what you think of this new way to play a classic!